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Letters to the Editor

What a joke!

What a joke, even many of the players are against it. Continue reading

BetEasy deal caused me to stop following the AFL

Because of the marriage of AFL and the gambling industry I stopped following the sport years ago after being an avid supporter all my life Continue reading

Pick up your game, AFL Leadership!

The AFL has disappointed me yet again. How can a sporting code sign another 5-year deal to allow Bet Easy.... Continue reading

Our son needs the ads to end

The ads are relentless and so frustrating as I am trying to get him off gambling but the AFL and Victorian Government seem hell bent on keeping him addicted. Continue reading

AFL needs reform for future generations

Recasting the league's constitution would go a long way toward ensuring the sport's place at the heart of the community for generations to come. Continue reading

Stop linking AFL to gambling

I am fully against the AFL backing Beteasy. Gambling shouldn’t be linked so closely to our great sport Continue reading

AFL, you could have been a leader

You should spend time with those whom have been impacted by this disease, and you would realise you are assisting to hurting people and families Continue reading

I've stopped watching the AFL

I will not be going to or watching any more AFL games on TV or radio because of the deal the AFL has made with gambling outfits. Continue reading

AFL are in the pocket of the bookies

It's clear the only people the AFL think they are answerable to is the corporate bookies who line their pockets Continue reading

Sport Gambling equal corruption instigation

I really disgusted of the ignorance corruption of AFL board that even after player and many citizen had express their opposition they had ignored and sign again with the gambling sponsor. Continue reading