No More Pokies in Lynbrook! - Alliance for Gambling Reform

To VCGLR Commissioners,

The community of Lynbrook does not need more poker machines! The City of Casey loses around $130 million, making it the second highest loss council in the state.

There has recently been an application for more pokies, despite the high loss and extreme harm felt within the City of Casey.

The Lynbrook Hotel has applied for 20 more pokies despite already owning 55 poker machines. They take over $8.8 million dollars from the community every year! This greed will harm our community!!

I therefore urge the Commission to reject this application for 20 poker machines at the Lynbrook Hotel.  

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We’ve had a huge win in the past week; the licensing commission has refused an application for 80 poker machines in the heart of Officer!

This win is a massive testament to the incredible community who worked tirelessly to rally against this application. This proves that communities CAN and DO win against the pokies industry!!

However, less than 15 kilometres west of Officer, the Lynbrook community is needing help to build momentum to ensure an application for 20 machines at the Lynbrook Hotel is rejected!

Add your voice to the petition to stop more pokies in Lynbrook!