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Let's Get Council's Divesting from Woolworths!

The Age just reported that Victoria's 79 local councils are set to vote on whether to demand their industry super fund, Vision Super, divest its $150 million Woolworths shareholding in response to alleged widespread misconduct in the retailer's nationwide pokies division.


Woolworths have proven themselves to be an irresponsible pokies venue after the multiple leaks from whistleblowers. If the Council's collectively support the motion to change their Super fund, here's what might happen:

  1. Vision Super divests from Woolworths and as a result, Woolies loses a $150 million investment
  2. Woolworths sees the writing on the wall and gets out of their pokies business
  3. The gambling industry hears the message loud and clear: pokies are toxic and no-one wants to be publically associated with them
  4. The public becomes more aware of Woolies pokies business and it hurts their "family-friendly" reputation

If we achieve ANY of these outcomes, it's a massive win!

We're going after Woolies where it'll hurt them the most: their wallets and their reputation.

So, will you write to your Council MAV Representative?

These reps will be the ones voting on this motion and they need to hear the community loud and clear.

The letter is pre-written, all you need to do is click where it says "Council" and start typing your Council name, then click on your Council when it is suggested and the MAV rep will be auto-filled. Then just fill in your details and hit send!

Let's do it!