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Silence on gambling reform comes amid news of political donations  
12 May, 2022

Another Month, another record broken as Victorian's lose $257.3M in March
26 April 2022

Crown WA must be held accountable for harm caused  
24 March, 2022

NRL Teams joining Reclaim The Game a fantastic first step, but what about poker machines?
7 March, 2022

Victorians lost how much to poker machines in just one month?

22 February, 2022

Blackstone can’t just wash their hands clean of Crown’s past sins

14 February, 2022

$3.7m fine just the cost of doing business for SportsBet

9 February, 2022

The NSW Government has been bought out by the gambling industry

20 December, 2021

Welcome spotlight on pokies and crime

17 December, 2021

Gambling Industry controls NSW Cabinet

15 December, 2021

NSW Premier must announce judicial inquiry into money laundering in pubs and clubs now

9 December, 2021

Passage of Casino Amendment Bill an important first step, but can’t be the last

3 December, 2021

Survivors of gambling harm meet with Victorian MPs in wake of Crown Royal Commission

1 December, 2021

98% of NSW Council Candidates commit to reducing gambling harm in their community if elected

29 November, 2021

Melbourne Cup nothing more than a tsunami of gambling ads

2 November, 2021

Crown found unfit to hold casino operating licence in Victoria

26 October, 2021

Inquiry into Star Casino welcome, but those with lived experience must be centre-stage 

20 October, 2021

Crown Royal Commission Report must be released within the month and all recommendations accepted

15 October, 2021

Turn off the tap – Alliance for Gambling Reform calls for all parties to reject gambling industry donations

14 October, 2021

Protections essential to prevent gambling harm spike in NSW & VIC lockdown

30 September, 2021

Gambling harm reduction measures must be quid pro quo for more Star poker machines

18 August, 2021

Alliance slams proposal for 1000 new pokies at Star; appalled by timing in middle of COVID

13 August, 2021

NCOSS making the right move by pulling out of NSW club grants scheme

9 August, 2021

Gambling harm too important for anything other than a dedicated regulator in Victoria

3 August, 2021

NSW must not issue Crown casino licence until Royal Commissions end

21 July, 2021

Delight as Royal Commission told Crown is not fit to hold a casino licence

20 July, 2021

Call for a single regulator to oversee casinos around Australia 

6 July, 2021

Whistleblowers deserve protection from powerful gambling industry

15 June, 2021

Extension to Royal Commission deadline will allow deep dive into gambling harm

11 June, 2021

Crown negligent to people of Victoria and unfit to hold casino licence: Alliance for Gambling Reform’s submission to Royal Commission

8 June, 2021

Victorian pokies losses soaring post COVID; calls for shorter opening hours  

31 May, 2021

 Cashless gambling trial could be a winner, but must be designed well and with caution

24 May, 2021

Church and services come out in support of cashless gambling in NSW

19 May, 2021

Former ACT Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay appointed Alliance for Gambling Reform CEO

14 May, 2021

Fears cashless gambling would increase gambling harm if not done right

13 May, 2021

Crown’s moves to go cashless welcome, but must be done right

13 May, 2021

Victorian pokies spiking post-COVID, some areas at record highs

4 May, 2021

Crown $1million fine a drop in the ocean

28 April, 2021

Deadline looms for submissions to Victorian Crown Royal Commission  

21 April, 2021

Werribee Football Club application for 70 poker machines in Tarneit approved

19 April, 2021

VCAT Approves plan for 20 more pokie machines at Hogan’s Hotel in Wallan

1 April, 2021

Public urged to make submissions to Crown Royal Commission

29 March, 2021

Crown Royal Commission more than 20 years in the making for Rev Tim Costello 

24 March, 2021

Cashless gambling system must be designed in best interests of community

16 March, 2021

Cashless gambling could work in NSW, but needs right approach

8 March, 2021

Victorian pokies losses spiking since COVID restrictions eased

5 March, 2021

Mental Health Royal Commission fails to address gambling harm in its final report 

2 March, 2021

Nationals selling out the community in favour of Clubs NSW

24 February, 2021

Crown's long reign in Victoria finally in serious doubt with Royal Commission announced

23 February, 2021

Bergin Inquiry strips Crown of license

9 February, 2021

Nature paper reveals gambling harm more prevalent than first thought

5 February, 2021

Spike in Victorian pokies losses once COVID restrictions eased

28 January, 2021

Victorian Crown investigation welcome, but long overdue

17 December, 2020

Football Club's pokie den proposal

15 December, 2021

Crown decision the right one for the people of NSW, and to prevent money laundering

18 November, 2020

NSW 2020/21 Budget fails again to prevent or reduce harm from gambling

18 November, 2020

Major concerns as Victorian pokies reopen

9 November, 2020

Savings made by local government area in Vic during the pandemic

6 November 2020

Council candidates commit to reducing gambling harm

16 October, 2020

AHA and Clubs NSW clearly values profit over people

2 October, 2020

Alliance for Gambling Reform Language Guide for Journalists

23 September, 2020

Victorian Councils call for midnight pokies closure 

3 September, 2020

$1 Billion saved on Victorian pokies since COVID-19 lockdown

5 August, 2020

Ban gambling ads during COVID 

4 August, 2020

Pokies loyalty programs are inducements to gamble and should be banned

17 July, 2020

Why are pokies-clubs and Star Casino getting special treatment in New South Wales? 

14 July, 2020

Royal Commission essential to get to bottom of gambling industry in Australia

13 July, 2020

New South Wales increased pokies losses in first week

11 June, 2020

Gambling harm concerns as AFL and gambling ads return 

10 June, 2020

Major public health and social concerns around pokies reopening in NSW 

1 June, 2020

Urgent reforms needed to prevent gambling harm when pokies return in NSW

27 May, 2020

Is the NSW Government taking orders from the gambling industry?

25 May 2020

Pokies application rejected as Wyndham passes $16 million in savings since COVID-19 shutdown

19 May 2020

The $1 billion COVID-19 silver lining in NSW

18 May 2020

NSW must make sure pokies are last thing switched back on post COVID-19

14 May 2020

Victorian Government urged to support the arts not the gambling industry

14 May 2020

Support for Senate call to rethink Australia’s relationship with gambling

13 May 2020

Support for Senate call to ban gambling ads and gambling with credit cards

13 May 2020

The $1.5 billion COVID-19 silver lining

5 May 2020

$1 billion boost to Australian economy off back of COVID-19 pokies shutdown

22 April 2020

Celebrations amid Covid-19 crisis as Clyde North pokies development rejected

8 April 2020

An astounding $6.6 billion lost on pokies in NSW last year -- time for a gambling reform reset

31 March 2020

Important change in name of awareness week in NSW

30 March 2020

Support for temporary closure of pokies venues and casinos due to Covid-19

17 March 2020

New gambling venue code of conduct improved, but nowhere near enough.

21 February 2020

Hawthorn finally making the right moves away from their pokies addiction

18 February 2020

Alliance for Gambling Reform backs Easton Wood to get AFL out of gambling

29 January 2020

Victorians lost billions on pokies in 2019, but some hope on the horizon 

28 January 2020

20 January 2020

Welcome conviction for illegal advertising by betting company

18 December 2019

Royal Commission into gambling imperative off back of ABC revelations

6 December 2019

Gambling harm will increase off back off SA Government decision

5 December 2019

Big banks recognising opportunity to reduce gambling harm

5 December 2019

$25 billion lost to gambling in 2017-2018, national statistics

2 December 2019

Mental Health Royal Commission fails to consider gambling harm in Interim Report

28 November 2019

Poker machine losses in NSW continue to rise

30 October 2019

Award recognises importance of sharing lived experience of gambling harm

22 October 2019

NSW Recognizes Gambling Harm

17 October 2019

Call for Royal Commission off the back of AFL allegations

18 September 2019

Time for action to reduce gambling harm-related suicides

10 September 2019

Berejiklian government fails to prevent more pokie pub and club scandals

2 September 2019

Stop pokies by stealth in WA, says Tim Costello

9 August 2019

Royal Commission into gambling industry essential off back of Crown revelations

30 July 2019

Tim Costello calls for public inquiry into Crown Resorts revelations
29 July 2019

Victorians losing $530 a year on pokies
25 July 2019

Ballina takes historic first steps to minimise local gambling harm
25 July 2019

Record high losses on Victorian pokies
24 July, 2019

Alliance slams slap on wrist to Mounties for letting child play poker machine
4 July, 2019

Gamblers and Tim Costello welcome Woolies pokies exit
3 July, 2019

Alliance welcome Macquarie ban on credit card gambling from tomorrow
30 June, 2019

Tim Costello statement on Woolies regulatory pain and Jaidyn Stephenson ban
19 June, 2019 

NSW gambling tax revenue soars $266m to record $2.616b in 2018-19
18 June, 2019

Alliance calls for AFL to end lucrative Beteasy sponsorship
14 June, 2019

Alliance slams pokies-captured RSL Victoria for abandoning Collingwood RSL
9 June, 2019

Time for action as NSW pokies losses hit record $6.815b in 2018
23 May, 2019

Time to clean up RSL governance and embrace reform push from younger veterans
1 May, 2019

Alliance welcomes younger veteran push for RSL Victoria to divest
23 April, 2019

Alliance applauds City of Moreland victory over Glenroy RSL pokies push
23 April, 2019

Response to revelations AHA donated $1m during Victorian election campaign
26 March, 2019

Tim Costello slams Brisbane Lions deal with notorious Neds
19 March, 2019

Tim Costello on Coles pokies divestment, Victorian RSL and a second Gold Coast casino
5 March, 2019

Tim Costello slams record gambling donations revealed in 2017-18
1 February, 2019

Victorians lose a record $2.73b on pub-club pokies in 2018
25 January, 2019

Alliance calls for City of Melton to reject Essendon pokies push
10 December, 2018

Alliance welcomes launch of National Consumer Protection Framework for online gambling
30 November, 2018

Revealed: full league ladder of Victorian pokies losses measured by state seat
12 November, 2018

Record September losses in Victoria as major parties duck debate
26 October, 2018

Appalling new Clubs NSW MOU will deluge harm
15 October, 2018

Costello slams reports of new MOU with Clubs NSW
14 October, 2018

Time for Peter Newell to quit after extraordinary scandal at The Steelers
5 October, 2018

August pokies losses in Victoria second worst month ever
2 October, 2018

Alliance welcomes trailblazing gambling harm policy at Northern Beaches
26 September, 2018

Alliance welcome passage of Victoria's new online gambling tax
21 September, 2018

Last week of Vic Parliament - get on with point of consumption tax legislation
18 September, 2018

Liberals should say no to Roger Corbett as Abbott's electorate chair
12 September, 2018 

Woolworths special dividend propped up by pokies
20 August, 2018

Alliance welcomes Crown pokies disclosure
9 August, 2018

Time for Woolies to exit rogue pokies division
6 August, 2018

A Friday afternoon Crown special - and plenty of missed opportunities
3 August, 2018

Biggest jump in Vic pokies losses for a decade – time for new legislation
27 July, 2018

Victorian Mayors unite to launch Alliance pokies policy on steps of Parliament
24 July, 2018

Alliance welcomes Collingwood pokies divestment
17 July, 2018

Victoria quietly transfers 414 clubs pokies to the pubs
17 July, 2018

Pokies losses soaring in Victoria, NSW and Queensland
22 June, 2018

18 May, 2018

Lib-Lab duopoly capitulate to Clubs NSW and lock in world record pokies harm
15 March, 2018 

Alliance calls for Woolworths to quit AHA amidst misleading SA campaign
11 March, 2018 

NSW reveals weak pokies "reform" as industry capture continues
6 March, 2018

Time for Woolies board to take control of ALH, exit pokies industry
28 February, 2018

James Packer and Crown fail the pokies transparency test
22 February, 2018

Tim Costello takes on the pro-pokies Tassie shock jock as pokies debate heats up
21 February, 2018 

Alliance calls for Woolworths to overhaul ALH board, behave more responsibly with pokies
16 February, 2018

Loopholes galore in TV ad ban as WA, SA and NT kids given less protection
8 February, 2018 

Alliance calls for ban on gambling donations after latest shocking data release
1 February, 2018

Landmark Whittlesea victory in VCAT over Woolies at Commercial Hotel
22 December, 2017

Alliance lauds brave Tasmanian Labor pokies policy
13 December 2017

Record gambling losses - time for NSW to step up with reforms
5 December 2017

Victorian Government ploughs ahead with disastrous pokies license renewal
30 November 2017 

Congratulations to Northern Beaches for strong anti-pokies position
29 November 2017

Alliance calls for Government and opposition to delay upper house debate
27 November 2017

Alliance sends strong message at Woolworths AGM
23 November 2017 

Melbourne Cup day release - time for tougher advertising restrictions
7 November 2017

Pokies bill passes lower house, Alliance launches Northcote campaign
5 November 2017 

Alliance launches alternative Victorian pokies plan, calls for upper house inquiry
21 September 2017

As politicians fail to act, time to put the pokies on trial in court
11 September 2017

Pokies deliver record 10% of Woolworths profit
25 August 2017

NSW pokies losses soar by $400 million, clubs still doing most damage
22 August 2017

Another $2.61 billion down the drain at 502 Victorian pokies venues
28 July 2017

LIA submission: Alliance calls for sweeping NSW pokies reform
11 July 2017

Victorian Government fails community by entrenching pokies
7 July 2017

NSW Budget reveals pokies losses set to soar
20 June 2017

AFL pay deal will entrench pokies dependency
20 June 2017

Gambling ad ban must not be watered down 
4 May 2017