No more Mlebourne pokies - Alliance for Gambling Reform

No more Melbourne pokies!

Tell Melbourne City Council to reject more poker machines!

$80 million was lost last year in the 11 pokies venues in the City of Melbourne – and that’s not including the Casino! There are 746 poker machines already in area – the City of Melbourne doesn’t need more.

The Doxa Social Club is masquerading as a charity whilst taking $16 million in losses from City residents and visitors. Now they want to put an extra 20 machines in their pokies den - Meeting Place at 315 Elizabeth Street. They have already been granted a license but you can help stop them obtaining a planning permit.

Send an objection now explaining why this development does not deserve a planning permit. Here are some ideas you could include:

  • More EGMs (pokies) will hurt the local community
  • EGMs do not belong in shopping strips, the location is unsuitable
  • The venue is unsuitable for more machines because too much floor space is devoted to gambling
  • More EGMs will result in increased crime, family violence, poverty and addiction
  • The development is detrimental to the local community

Your objection will be stronger if you can explain how you would be personally and adversely impacted by granting a permit. Every objection will make a difference!