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Enough Pokies in Moreland

Next Wednesday, members of the Moreland Council Urban planning committee will decide whether to grant a permit to the Glenroy RSL to install an additional 10 poker machines. The RSL already has 40 machines which last year ripped a staggering $3.9 million out of the local community. They don’t need more!

Thanks to the actions of Alliance supporters who submitted objections to the planning permit last month, Council now knows that residents and ratepayers oppose more machines. Unfortunately, the RSL has submitted its own petition demanding the permit . However, we know that an individual email is worth more than 100 signatures on a petition.

Can you help out by emailing Councillors who are members of the Urban Planning Committee?

Your Councillors need your support to ensure that they don’t succumb to pressure from the RSL and grant this permit. Residents of Glenroy can’t afford to be swindled out of another $1 million by dangerous and addictive machines. And the RSL shouldn’t become more entrenched in a risky business model which may leave them struggling to survive when upcoming litigation finds pokies to be in breach of consumer law.

Your action now in sending an email will save the Glenroy community $1 million a year and save the RSL from further dependence on an unsafe, unfair and possibility illegal product.

Thanks for taking action