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Do you support reducing the opening hours of poker machine venues?

Do you support local governments having greater say on the granting or refusing applications for poker machines in their respective communities?

Do you support the banning of all sports gambling ads?

Will you pledge to not take any donations from venues or organisations that derive income from gambling interests?

Will you commit to reducing gambling harm in your LGA?


Which of the policies
referred to in our
Candidate Information Pack
do you support?
What is your position on poker machine policy?

Hans Paas Castlemaine I have been a supporter of the alliance for many years and have yet to find a policy position with which I disagree. I am very disappointed that as lock down restrictions are being lifted governments appear deaf to the pleas of the community to impose much needed limits on opening hours and betting. I continue to promote the position that we have ENOUGH POKIES IN CASTLEMAINE. Because our governments are also addicted to gambling (revenue) we need to keep our community mobilised to resist any extensions of gambling in our community and to take opportunities where ever possible to reduce it and its impact.
susan mayfair Castlemaine Licensing and Planning for LGAs. No poker machines in Victoria. I don't care about policy. Bendigo residents poured $50 million into them in 2018/1019.  We need to ban poker machines.
Keppel Cassidy Castlemaine I support the Alliance for Gambling Reform's call for councils to have a clear plan to reduce gambling harm in their municipality, and to treat gambling as a public health issue. I support all the measures for achieving these goals suggested by the AGR, including: not holding council functions at venues that operate poker machines, not allowing future gambling on council land and a plan to transition away from existing gambling, making organisations that own or operate gaming machines ineligible for rates discounts, discarding the phrases 'responsible gambling' and 'problem gambling' from council documents, and shifting the public health narrative to one of gambling harm. Like tobacco smoking, gaming machines and related forms of gambling are a serious public health issue and require an equally serious response from all levels of government. 
Rosie Annear Castlemaine I support the policies referred to in the Candidate Information pack, especially committing to not allow future poker machines on council land. I also support all three of the Local Government Advocacy Asks: to support gambling-free public space, to back gambling-free community sport, and to stop the expansion of gambling in our town.