Mounties penalties inadequate for letting toddler play pokies

Don't let toddlers play pokies!

Penalties are inadequate, access to pokies is uncontrolled

On Wednesday June 3, Mounties Club in Mt Pritchard, was fined just $6000 for letting a toddler enter the gambling room and play with a poker machine. Amazingly, staff strolled past the child without apparently noticing.

Mounties is ranked the no. 1 most profitable poker machine club in NSW, raking in $66.5 million p.a. from their 615 machines. They could pay this fine in just 48 minutes of pokie operations.

The club is located in the Fairfield council area, which the government recognises as so harmed from gambling, that no more poker machines are allowed in. We can see why - when existing operators can't even keep an eye on who enters the gambling room.

Demand the NSW parliament increase penalties for all gambling regulation breaches, so the penalty acts as an effective deterrent. And make them change the system so there are real checks on who enters gambling rooms.