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Write to the Northern Beaches Council!

Only one council in all of NSW has a policy to address gambling harm. The industry thinks it can do what it likes because councils are silent. Let clubs, hotels and the state government know that the Northern Beaches community has had enough, and wants some protection through a clear and strongly worded Policy.

You can influence what goes into that policy by making a submission here!

We've listed some common-sense suggestions which most Local Government Gambling Policy's in Victoria have within the email that will go to the Council, but here are some other suggestions you may want to consider adding:

  • Council also lobbies the State government to implement recommendations from earlier enquiries, and to make data as freely available as it is in Victoria
  • Council commits to making a submission on every Local Impact Assessment application lodged by a venue on the Northern Beaches.
  • Council arranges community meetings to discuss the movement of poker machines when no application is needed, so that venue operators can be informed of community opinions
  • Council provides information about gambling harm to its residents
  • Council recognizes, through its personnel & HR policies, that some of its staff may be impacted by gambling
  • Council requires evaluations of ClubGrants, and improves the transparency of the scheme