No Casino for Mildura - Alliance for Gambling Reform

No Casino for Mildura

Dear Mayor and Councilors of the Rural City of Mildura

We the undersigned call on you each to categorically oppose the establishment of a Casino in Mildura. Residents of our City already lose over $70,000 on gambling. Poker machines in Casinos make twice as much as in local venues. What’s more, Casinos and other gambling venues divert money from other local businesses and return little to the community.

Please protect our community by giving a strong public commitment to oppose a Casino.

Thank you

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To all residents of Mildura, Sunraysia, and visitors to the region,

Please sign this petition to say “NO” to a casino in Mildura.

Victoria already has one Casino which causes untold harm to thousands of locals who get snared in the trap of addictive and misleading poker machines. Now, powerful business interests have joined forces to push for a second Casino in our town.

Contrary to stories told by gambling industry supporters, Casinos draw most of their revenue from local populations, and from poker machines. What’s more, poker machines in casinos make twice as much money as pokies in clubs and hotels. This means that the residents of Mildura stand to lose big time. Already, over $70,000 is lost on pokies everyday by Mildura residents. That’s enough pain and suffering.

It will make a difference if all residents of Mildura and surrounding areas to sign this petition and say: “No! We don’t want a Casino, we don’t need a casino and we won’t have a casino!”

It’s important that our local representatives hear our voices and and come out in opposition to this Casino proposal. Please sign now!