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No More Pokies Dandenong

Did you know that within a 2.5 kilometre radius of the Dandenong RSL there are 401 poker machines that take more than $42.1 million from the community every year!? 

Yet despite this, Dandenong RSL have applied for 11 poker machines to add to it’s existing 63!

Dandenong is experiencing great harm from the high density of poker machines in it's community, we do not want more pokies in the Dandenong RSL making matters even worse!

We ask that the Victorian Commission of Gambling and Liquor Regulation reject this application to protect our community from more pokie-related harm!

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The extremely high density of poker machines in one area has extraordinarily negative impacts on the community.

$954.27 on average was spent by each adult on pokies in 2017. This is the highest in the state and nearly double the state average.

Seven people a day are reporting family violence in Greater Dandenong, we know there is a link between family violence and the density of poker machines in an area. That was a staggering 2338 reports of family violence last year. 

These figures are some of the worst in the state, and the Dandenong RSL is adding more pressure on our services, creating more harm to our community and taking their greed too far.