No More Pokies in Leopold - Alliance for Gambling Reform

No More Pokies in Geelong!

The City of Greater Geelong has 1,275 pokies in 26 venues, which makes Geelong the municipality with the most poker machines and venues in the state.

However, the Leopold Sportsman Club has applied for more pokies in its club!

Geelong loses around $115.4 million from poker machines each year, that is $115.4 million too much. We want to see this number decrease, not let more pokies into our community so it increases!!

The Leopold Sportsman Club takes nearly $3 million from the community every year! This equates to $8,200 every day. This money should be invested in school lunches, heating over winter and local new and exciting businesses.

A community's development is restricted when so much local income is going into poker machines!

I do not want more poker machines in Geelong!


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Geelong already experiences immense harm from poker machines, with a higher density of poker machines there is a larger risk of increased rates of family violence, mental health issues and crime.

The community of Leopold, and greater Geelong deserve to be protected by the harms poker machines cause to their neighhours, friends and families.

Geelong does not want more poker machines!