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No More Pokies in Wyndham

To the VCGLR (gambling licensing regulators),

The community already loses $10.5 million dollars from this venue alone. The club already has 75 poker machines operating, now they want 10 more. This kind of greed will hurt our community. 

There are already 893 poker machines in the City of Wyndham, with $100 million dollars being lost every year. That means, the amount of money lost from poker machines is the equivalent of each adult losing $602 each year.

It's important we keep our community a safe space for families and individuals. We know this money is being lost by the most vulnerable people in our communities.

We've had enough!!

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The Tigers Clubhouse in Hoppers Crossing is a venue that already drains money our community businesses into poker machines. They have recently submitted a licensing application to the VCGLR asking for 10 more machines to add their club.

It's important our community doesn't allow more harm from poker machines in the City of Wyndham. A higher density of poker machines in an area leads to higher crime, poverty, mental health issues and family violence. This is unacceptable and additional pokies in Wyndham must be stopped.