NSW 2020 Flick the Switch - turn off pokies in a pandemic

Premier Gladys Berejiklian,

Across NSW poker machines fell silent on March 23 for the first time since 1956. The tens of thousands of residents of NSW who are harmed, one way or another, by their own or a loved one's gambling, felt safe. 

Flick the Switch on poker machines.

Western Australian pubs and clubs manage fine without pokies. Restaurants and cafes manage without pokies.

Liquor and Gaming inspectors are horrified at the failure of venues to manage physical distancing and hygiene.

The residents of NSW deserve a public health pandemic plan that is driven by health officials, not gambling industry reps.

Your government and public health workers are doing a great job in NSW. But we are on a COVID knife-edge. 

There's one thing you can do to help keep us safer.

Pokies are not essential during a pandemic.

Turn them off again to make venues safer, and leave them off until we are out of the COVID danger period.





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We don't need 92,000 poker machines running during a pandemic. We don't need half that number. We don't need any at all.

Here's what one person told us about her experience when the machines were shut:

"I am so grateful. This has to be the only thing that is good about COVID19. For the first time in years I am saving and not wasting all my income on pokies. I haven't played pokies since the middle of March, 4 months, and although my only income is a third less than usual, I am saving more during this time than ever before. I hope and pray all pokies and casinos would remain closed forever. Please make this happen."

Instead, ClubsNSW boasted about their influence over the Chief Health Officer.

No government Minister actually announced that gambling rooms would reopen, they left that to the industry to gloat.

We deserve public health policy free of financial gain - 

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