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An action you could take: 

As well as our long-running campaigns, from time to time actions pop-up that you can do independently, or working with us.


The NSW Budget Estimates process is one of these. This is where non-government MPs get to quiz Ministers, senior public servants and statutory bodies, like the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority. The aim is to find out how much is spent on reducing gambling harm, if the government knows the true costs of gambling, where action is being taken and what that is, are departments and authorities doing all they can to reduce harm, or is the focus on supporting the industry.

Budget Estimate questions happen three times a year. If you want to have something asked, check out our guides here. 


Brief guide to asking Budget Estimates questions


We have a list of non-government committee members here.


If you're super keen, here's the link to the parliamentary page about the process.



Contact Kate da Costa, our NSW Campaigner on [email protected] if you'd like assistance with developing questions, contacting an MP, or anything else about the process.


What we're up against: 

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The NSW ALP's Clubs Policy, released during the 2019 state election campaign


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