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Publish the Gambling Harm Report

Premier Mike Baird, Gaming Minister Troy Grant,

Make your governments report into gambling harm public before any decision to approve Packer’s new casino at Barangaroo.

I’ve lived through the hurt caused by poker machine gambling. The people of NSW deserve to know the harm caused by the different forms of gambling in NSW before another mega gambling den is approved at Barangaroo.

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My family was torn apart by poker machine gambling. I’ve seen first hand how these machines are designed for addiction. Politicians and the gamblling clubs, pubs and casinos want to keep stories like mine under wraps.

It’s time everyone in NSW got the truth about the full extent of the harm caused by gambling.

In 2013 the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing commissioned research into the harm caused by various types of gambling. The research was to "determine the type of harm likely to be attributed to each gambling product and the effects on the gambler and friends and family".

My family is one of the thousands across the state who’ve been shattered by this industry, and it makes me furious that this government wants to sweep the truth under the carpet.

The report has been sitting on the desk of the Premier since Decemeber last year. Now the NSW Planning Assessment Commission is poised to make a decision on whether to approve the new Packer Casino at Barangaroo. If the truth about the harm caused by gambling is told, another casino at Barangaroo will be revealed for what it is - a knife through more families like mine.