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Let's fix NSW!

Dear Premier Berejiklian,

The NSW state election is in March 2019. In Tasmania and South Australia political parties, have come out with updated gambling policies and are acknowledging the harm that pokies can cause to our communities.

Neither of those states has the numbers and gambling losses through poker machines that NSW suffers. We need the government to start dealing with this as a public health issue and to swiftly act to minimize and prevent further harm. NSW still has over 92,000 poker machines (over 30% of the world’s non-casino pokies) and numbers have only fallen 5% in a decade.

We as a community want to be free from pokie harm. 

Pokies are designed to addict and they contribute to poverty, mental health issues, and family violence.

Next election, I will be voting to reduce pokie harm and I urge you to change your policies to support people, not pokies.

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New South Wales is Australia's most pokie-saturated state with over 92,000 poker machines.

This is barely a 5% reduction in numbers in a decade. Through the problematic Local Impact Assessment scheme, communities still have no rights for their Council to be part of any consideration of local pokie applications. As a result, losses continue to rise and the harmful impact of pokies, being increasing poverty, mental health issues, and family violence, become exacerbated. 

Per capita, Australians lose more to gambling than anyone else in the world. On pokies alone, we lose more than $12 billion every year! This is a serious problem that requires urgent, drastic action.

NSW needs policy to support people, not pokies.

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