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NSW poker machine data

NSW poker machine data

The NSW Department of Liquor and Gaming releases data twice a year. They provide aggregated data for all the clubs in a council area from Dec-May and June-Nov each year, and for Jan-June and July-Dec for hotels. Unlike Victoria, venue by venue data is not released.

We analyze key council areas each time the data drops, as well as state wide figures. Click on a link to download a pdf.

Statewide totals as summary table

Statewide totals detail

Council areas

Albury Council area

Blacktown Council area

Campbelltown Council area

Canterbury Bankstown council area

Central Coast council area

City of Sydney council area

Fairfield Council area

Inner West Council area

Liverpool Council area

Western and South Western Sydney & data - Campbelltown, Canterbury Bankstown, Blacktown, Fairfield and Liverpool

Wollongong Council area