Let's fix self exclusion and stop money-laundering in NSW! - Alliance for Gambling Reform

We are winning the campaign for reform but we need your help! Can you sign the pledge?

We are signing to declare our support for the Minister responsible for gambling, Victor Dominello, to bring in the following reforms:

1. Move to a cashless gambling system so that our clubs and pubs are not used to launder the proceeds of crime any more, let people set their personal budget to $0

2. Make venues check identification against a state-wide exclusion register, and politely refuse entry to those who have self-excluded. Failure to do this will result in a fine. This will also help stop 17 year olds from gambling.

3. Make venues have staff on every shift who have advanced training to talk to self-excluded patrons and to intervene when any patron shows any signs of concerning gambling behaviour. 

4. Allow families or friends to seek exclusion of those they care for, when the situation is in crisis

5. Allow people to self-exclude through an online portal, to help them overcome the barrier of shame

6. Improve overall the Responsible Conduct of Gambling by recording incidents and requiring venues to explain why they have not taken action, and to ensure that staff are encouraged to keep people safe ahead of maximizing revenue




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