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Reduce gambling harm

Reduce gambling hours



Jointly, Uniting, the Alliance and Wesley are focussed on reducing the hours poker machines can operate in NSW and the ACT from 18 hours every day, to a midnight - 10am mandatory closedown, with no exceptions.


There are many aspects of gambling reform to work on, and we may call on supporters to collaborate on other initiatives as they occur, if those reforms supplement this campaign and also lead to the prevention or reduction of gambling harm. 


How will we reduce operating hours?

We'll need to change the laws, so we need to build a network of MPs across party lines who are hearing from their consitutents that action is needed. 

How can we build that network?

STEP 1: You or your congregation can send a letter to your local MP seeking their views on reduced hours, and asking for a meeting to discuss the matter further. We've set up a draft for you (below, scroll down) to get started.

STEP 2: If you already have a relationship with your local MP, please use that existing contact to request a meeting to talk about the issue and to find out where they stand.

STEP 3:  Let our NSW campaigner know if you want support or extra materials for any meeting you attend by emailing nsw[email protected].

STEP 4: Let us know the outcome - your MP might be sympathetic but not prepared to take a stand, they might be supportive of clubs and pubs and not want to challenge the system, or they might be brave and prepared to help tackle the problem. We can work with you to plan the next steps for your part in our campaign.

What do I do now?

STEP 1: In the form below, enter your own, or your church's postcode. The system will find your local state MP. Contact us if there's a problem by emailing nsw[email protected].

STEP 2: Please modify the text - if you are writing on behalf of a congregation, let your MP know. The system adds the salution and your name at the end AUTOMATICALLY. Feel free to change all the text, but at a miminum you need to indicate if the letter is from an individual or on behalf of a congregation.

STEP 3: Hit send!