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Reduce gambling harm

Reduce gambling hours



Pokies are designed to addict.

Every day $18.7million is lost through poker machines in New South Wales. Every day of the year.

Gambling contributes to anxiety, financial stress, work and study problems. It can lead to poverty, mental health issues, and family violence.


Gambling rooms in NSW and ACT are currently open 18 hours a day, from 10am to 4am the following morning. Many venues have special licences to operate for even longer.


Anyone, including members of congregations across NSW, could be harmed by gambling.

The deadening lid of shame and stigma the industry has worked hard to create makes it very hard for individuals to talk about this with their friends.

But there should be no shame. Conversations without judgement, that recognize the responsibility and culpability of the industry, will encourage people to come to people in your church for support and help.

Please be ready to refer them to professionals - Wesley Mission have trained counsellors experienced in assisting in gambling and financial counselling on 1300 827 638.

Other folk prefer the anonymity of online help services, such as or calling 1800 858 858

In NSW, assistance is also available through the Multicultural Problem Gambling Service, which has counsellings who speak 30 community languages - 1800 856 800 between 8.30 and 5pm Mon-Friday, with online resources here 



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What we're up against: 

The NSW Coalition's Memos of Understanding with ClubsNSW:

MOU 2010

MOU 2014

MOU 2018

The NSW ALP's Clubs Policy, released during the 2019 state election campaign
Current data on club and pub pokie losses and numbers.


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