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Reveal the truth about NSW pokies

Premier Berejiklian, 

Every community has the right to know the impact poker machines are having on their friends, family and neighbours.

It's time your government does what Victoria has been doing for years - regularly providing the data on how much money is taken by every poker machine club and pub, in every suburb. 

It's not difficult, or complicated, it's just being honest. 

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In Victoria, the government releases detailed data about the poker machine industry. People can find out how many machines are in their local club or pub, and how much money is taken by them. In NSW, the real cost of poker machines is hidden away. Only the 'turnover' through these machines is published, and only by local government area, only some of the time, and at a price. 

It's not good enough. We do know NSW has almost half of Australia's poker machines. One in ten poker machines in the world are in NSW. We know these machines do not affect all communities equally - those already under the most financial stress are also the communities hit hardest by the poker machine industry.