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ALH Needs to Have Their Operating Hours Reduced!

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This week, Woolworths admitted that the allegations of whistleblowers earlier this year are accurate. This means that the leadership of Woolworths accepts that the staff of ALH pokie-venues collected personal information about poker machine users to encourage them to put more money through pokies.

It's disgusting behaviour and whilst Woolies is promising to reform the practices of ALH-venues, they're not going far enough. 

As ALH/Woolworths have proven that they are not responsible pokie operators, they should not be trusted to be operating venues from 9am-5am every day! In 2010, the Productivity Commission recommended that gaming machines in hotels and clubs (not casinos) should be shut down between 2 am and 8 am, at a minimum.

In light of the irresponsible conduct of ALH, we're telling the Minister for Gaming, Shadow Minister for Gaming, Chairman of ALH Roger Corbett and Head of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs at ALH David Curry and the CEO of VCGLR (Gaming regulator) Catherine Myers that ALH's operating hours should be reduced to 10am to midnight.

As Tim Costello says, "Nothing good happens in a pokie venue after 3am" and with ALH's track record, we can't trust them to do the right thing.

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