PetitionTurnbull - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Time to stop dodgy gambling

Prime Minister Turnbull & Opposition Leader Bill Shorten

There is clear support from the cross benchers vital to your government for some easy, first steps to reduce dodgy gambling. We ask that you work with them to;

1) ban on sports betting advertising during G-rated times, 

2) put poker machine reform back on the agenda with a joint select committee into gambling reform, and

3) set a pokie speed limit of $1 per spin and $120 losses per hour

These are simple first steps towards reform of gambling clubs, pubs and casinos that con people out of everything they’ve earned, and more.

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Sports betting companies are invading our sporting matches with a barrage of advertising. They are the fourth biggest buyers of advertising. Children as young as eight are able to identify sports betting companies. These companies are grooming our kids for addiction.

It's time to block the sports betting advert onslaught.

Poker machines designed to addict still cause the overwhelming majority of harm to people across Australia. Like tobacco, these products are legal, addictive, and dangerous. Like tobacco we need to a range of reforms to reduce the damage done.

Put pokies on the agenda of this government, and restart the joint committee on gambling reform

Our politicians need to know the damage some types of gambling do, and what the solutions are they need to deliver.