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Whose Side Are You Really On?

Premier Andrews-

The community did not ask for this, so whose side are you really on?

Don't condemn Victoria to another 20 years of pokies harm. The machines will fleece at least $50 billion from us over that time. 

Victoria does not want to become an imitation of NSW with super-clubs and pokie-heavy-hotels and the highest rate of gambling harm in the world. Doubling club venues maximum entitlements from 420 to 820 is not considering the broader community. This only helps the gambling industry.

Your new measures do not include harm reduction. Victorians expect and deserve better.

I'm opposed to your policy reforms and expect your government to take a strong stand against this disastrously harmful industry, not help them at the cost of Victorians. Where's the harm reduction? 

Will you sign?

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The Victorian Government has just introduced a set of policy reforms which the community did not ask for and will guarantee Victoria follows the NSW path to the highest levels of pokie harm in the world. These measures will help clubs become super-pokie venues and is doubling the maximum club entitlements, meaning club venue operators can double their pokies. By guaranteeing the industry 20 year certainty, the government is turning its back on the reducing harm for the community. 

The community did not ask for this. This will help clubs become unofficial casinos and does not include any measures for pokie-harm reduction. This is a government pretending to take gambling harm seriously whilst actually helping clubs at the cost of the community.

Whose side is the government really on? Sign the petition and help us hold them accountable!