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Pies pokie fail

City of Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, 

Don't agree to handover $3 million to Collingwood, until they make good on going pokie-free. 

Collingwood FC promised they'd wean themsleves off their 146 poker machines, in an agreement with your council worth $3million to the club. On the same day it went to Council, Collingwood applied for another 10 poker machine licenses. The hypocrisy is galling.

Collingwood took around $11 million with their poker machines. There's no way they should get any Council money until the make good on their promise to you, and the people of Melbourne.  

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Collingwood football club owns 146 poker machines that fleece $11.2 million from Victorians every year. On the 28th June, the Herald Sun reported that the club had promised Melbourne City Council to wean itself off the machines in the next 5-10 years. The promise was part of a deal that would mean $3m from the Council, to the Club. 

Then on the 29th June, it was revealed that the Club had applied for another 10 poker machines licenses on the same day the proposal was put to Melbourne City Council. 

For all Victorians, Melbourne City Council should can their promise of $3m, until Collingwood makes good on it's promise to go pokie-free.