Pokies Play Officer - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Pokies Play Officer

In the lead up to the State Government election, the community is calling on all political parties to introduce changes to reduce the harm associated with pokies.

The Pokies Play Officer campaign demands:

1. Fewer poker machines

In the last year, there have been two applications for more poker machines in Officer alone. We don't want anymore pokies in our community!

2. Reduced operating hours

Gaming venues can operate 20 hours a day and many local venues are open until 5am. We urge the government to introduce a mandatory shutdown of poker machine venues between 2am and 8am.

3. ‘Con–free’ machines

Poker machines are designed to addict and rigged to con the user to keep playing. Machine designs should:

  • Remove losses disguised as wins, linked jackpots and free spins
  • Have a $1 maximum bet per spin (and maximum loss of $120 per hour)
  • Slow spin rates

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