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Pokies Play the West

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In the lead up to the State Government election, we are calling on all political parties to introduce changes to reduce the harm associated with pokies.

A staggering $1.34 million is lost to pokies by residents in the six western region municipalities EVERY DAY.

The Pokies Play the West campaign demands:

  1. $1 maximum bets on all poker machines
    Have a $1 maximum bet per spin on all poker machines to reduce the amount of money gamblers can lose each time they press a button and slow the rate of losses.

  2. Reduced operating hours
    Currently venues are able to remain open for 20 hours each day which means that community members are able to access pokies virtually around the clock. We want to reduce the maximum number of hours that gambling venues can operate.

  3. A sinking cap on the number of poker machines
    We are calling for a “sinking cap” which would mean that as poker machines are removed from one venue, they would not be replaced in another venue.

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