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Let's make our mps con free

With your help, we can shine a light on payments to politicians by the gambling industry.

We know about some industry payments to politicians, and we know they were so scared by Andrew Wilkie telling the truth they tried to sue him - but when Andrew stood firm, they dropped the sham of a legal threat. 

Now we’re going to work with investigative researchers to dig deeper, to reveal the true extent of the industry influence over our politicians.

We’ll get to the truth, and we’ll shout it out. We’ll ensure hundreds of thousands of Australians watch it on the nightly news, read about it in the newspapers, hear about it on radio, and share it on social media.

Finally, we’ll ask all politicians to commit to be a con-free MP – refusing any gambling Industry money of ‘gifts’.

$10,000 funds the investigative research

$5,000 funds national media coverage

$5,000 funds the con-free MP campaign

If 500 people donate $40 each, we can do this.

Can you chip in to fund the con-free MP campaign? 

$1,346.00 raised
GOAL: $10,000.00