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Put Pokies Last!

Northcote by-election is coming up soon and whoever wins could have a crucial role in fixing the weak pokies laws that currently operate. Here's the responses to our candidate survey; 


Check out the candidate's pokies policies here

The Northcote electorate has 4 pokie venues which hold 190 pokies. Consequently, Northcote lost over $18 million over the 2016/2017 financial year. That's the equivalent to Northcote residents losing $49,315 every single day.

Across the state, Victorian's are losing $2.6 BILLION a year from poker machines. That's an average of $7,149,397 every day in 2016-17. Per Victorian adult, $542 is lost, in just one year.

As the successful Candidate could have significant influence over the future of pokie laws in this State- we want them to be taking this issue seriously!

We can't make a significant impact without YOU!

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