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Revoke Len Ainsworth's Order of Australia

To the Governor General Peter Cosgrove,

The poker-machine industry has caused enormous pain to individuals and families all around Australia, exacerbating poverty, addiction, depression, and increasing incidents of family violence. And despite being the "Godfather" of this destructive industry, Len Ainsworth was yesterday awarded an Order of Australia.

Australians experience more harm as a result of poker machines than anywhere else in the world. We lose over $12 billion annually to poker machines and to reward the man who has, in his words, dedicated his life to “building a better mousetrap” is inappropriate and outrageous.

Len Ainsworth has built his fortune on the backs of Australian suffering and he should not be granted one of the highest awards in the country for this. 

It is a slap in the face to the millions of Australians who have experienced any kind of poker machine harm.

I demand that you revoke his Order of Australia immediately.

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Len Ainsworth has been described as the Godfather of the Australian poker machine industry. As the founder of Aristocrat, the second-largest-gaming-corporation in the world, he has profited enormously from a product that intentionally causes harm to Australians.

To reward the man who made his fortune as a result of everyday Australian's suffering is not only wrong, it is disgusting.

You may remember Aristocrat. Last year Shonica Guy brought a suit against them in the Federal Court claiming that their pokies were misleading and deceptive.

Pokies actively hurt Australians: they cause addiction, poverty, depression and increased incidents. To award an Order of Australia to Len Ainsworth is a slap in the face to the thousands of Australians who have experienced harm as a result of his poker machines.

Sign the petition to tell the Governor-General that he should not have received an Order of Australia and it should be revoked immediately!