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Write a Letter to the Editor

The Greens have already announced their policy to get all pokies out of pubs & clubs in South Australia within five years and are currently having that policy costed. Nick Xenophon's SA Best has now released their gambling policy! The policy includes:

  • Implementing $1 maximum bets per spin 
  • Making machines 'con-free' by removing misleading and deceptive features
  • Reducing the number of poker machines in hotels and clubs from about 12,100 to 8,100 by 2023
  • Changing pokie licenses from perpetual (ongoing) to 7-year licenses.
  • increasing the gamblers' rehabilitation funding and community education by $3 million
  • Removing EFTPOS from poker machine rooms.
  • Banning political donations from the gambling industry

Pokies have become a major electoral issue and this is huge! With progressive policies being released both SA Best & the Greens, there is a lot of potential to change the future of pokies in South Australia!

This is a really exciting moment so let's generate some buzz! 

Write a letter to the editor and let's get all of South Australia talking about pokie politics and put some pressure on the major parties to produce gambling policies!

Click here to read the Alliance's breakdown of pokie policy: what's on offer and what we want to see!