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Don't Let the Industry Buy Another Election

Australian democracy should not be for sale.

Yet recently, the gambling industry has been exposed for buying out the Tasmanian state election: they threw money and fear-mongering lies at everything they could and it cost Tasmania the pokie-free future they had the opportunity to build.

Now, they're trying to do it again in South Australia.

You have a choice: to represent the community or to represent dirty gambling interests.

We all know what the gambling industry produces: harm and misery for Australian individuals, families and communities.

They do not belong in politics. The democracy we all hold dear is jeopardised when a single industry can influence policy and the results of an election.

I demand that you:

1) Stop taking donations from the gambling industry!
2) Disclose any donations your party has received from the gambling industry before the election.

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With the approaching South Australian election, the gambling industry is under threat and they're firing back. In doing so, they're compromising our democracy. 

The Guardian just confirmed that in 2017 alone, the Australian Hotels Association contributed $49,973 to the Liberal party, $43,534 to Labor, as well as $20,000 to Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives. They're intentionally ganging up on SA Best and the Greens- the only parties with progressive gambling policies.

In the Tasmanian election that has just passed, we saw pro-pokies interests buy an election when they faced an existential threat with progressive policy. Now, they're trying to do it again.

We want to know which other gambling groups are trying to buy this election.

Tell the parties to stop taking gambling money and disclose their political donations: sign the petition!