South Australia - Alliance for Gambling Reform

South Australia

To the Honourable the President and Members of the Legislative Council in this present Parliament assembled:

1. $1 maximum bets on all poker machines

Implement a $1 maximum bet per spin on all poker machines to reduce the amount of money gamblers can lose each time they press a button and slow the rate of losses. Maximum loss per hour should not exceed $120, which would significantly decrease harm.

2. Reduced operating hours

Gaming venues can operate 18 hours a day - we think this is too much! Opening hours need to be limited in gaming venues to a maximum of 12 hours a day!

3. ‘Con–free’ machines

Poker machines are designed to addict and rigged to con the user to keep gambling. Machine designs should:

  • Remove losses disguised as wins
  • Remove  free spins
  • Slow spin rates

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South Australia is home to 12,142 poker machines in 502 pokie venues! Over the last year, South Australians have lost over $682 million to these destructive and addictive machines (and that's not including the casino).

It's the equivalent to $1.82 million lost every single day!

The harm caused by poker machines includes addiction, poverty, depression, family breakdowns and increased levels of family violence. Pokies are hurting South Australia. 

It's time for common sense policy to prevent further harm from pokies!

  • Maximum $1 bets
  • Reduced operating hours
  • 'Con-free' machines