Where's the pokies policy? - Alliance for Gambling Reform

South Australia

The South Australian State Election is fast approaching and yet, we don't know what the Labor and Liberal parties are planning for the future of South Australia's pokies.

South Australia is home to 12,337 pokies in 526 pubs and clubs. As a state, we lose $1.9 million daily to poker machines. Currently, the Greens and Nick Xenophon's SA Best have released their strong pokie policies and we'd like the other parties to release a policy so we know where they stand and what they'll do if elected. 

We need to know the future of pokies in South Australia and we want candidates and parties to act!

We've set up the action so all you need to do is write your postcode and your email will automatically send to the politicians or candidates in your electorate. The email is already written but we'd encourage you to write your own message so candidates can hear directly from you!