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Save the Opera House!

Premier Gladys Berejiklian, 

Stand up to the gambling industry and Alan Jones, and stop gambling advertising going up on our iconic Opera House sails.

Actually, go further, and stop any advertising on the Opera house, and stop all advertising by the sportsbetting moguls. You were elected to represent the people of NSW, not the aggressive gambling industry. 

We support Louise Herron, the manager at the Opera house who did stand up against Jones, despite being attacked by him on live radio. She needs your support too. 

Save the iconic Opera house from crass advertising, and stop the avalanche of betting advertising. 

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Earlier this week Alan Jones threatened to have the Boss of the Opera House Louise Herron sacked after she stood firm against branding the iconic Opera House with a horse race advert. Louise stood firm despite the abuse from Alan Jones. The NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, do not. 

It's a demonstration of just how much the NSW government (and opposition) do the bidding of the powerful gambling industry. read more about it in this opinion piece by Alliance spokesperson Tim Costello here