Show me the Money - Gambling Reform

Fact Sheet #3

Show me the Money

What really happens every time someone loses $100 to a poker machine

Australians lost $11 billion to poker machines in 2013-2014, excluding casinos. At $468 per person that’s higher than any other country on the world.

So where does the money go?

Over $2.6 billion is lost on pokies in Victoria every year.

For every $100 . . .


It’s not surprising that the operators of poker machines, who include Woolworths and Coles, will stop at nothing to defend these mega-profits. While this is loose change to these industries, the political donations made to the ALP and Coalition make a big difference to campaign funds. 


Surveys indicate that 70% of Australians support tighter regulation of poker machines.
It’s time our politicians listened to us rather than the industry lobbyists making big threats and big cash donations.

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