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How we fix it

First steps to getting it right

The AFL has a long, proud history of doing the right thing by fans. A few clubs like North Melbourne are proudly poker machine free, others have acknowledged that poker machines and sports betting pose threats to footy that need to be addressed. 

Bringing fans together who love football, but hate dodgy gambling

We're talking to foot fans on the way into games about the problems created by poker machines and sports betting, and bringing them together to talk to their clubs about stepping up, and being a leader off the field and well as on it. 

Come to our launch event, and sign the petition to tell the AFL to back reforms of gambling in sport. 

Taking the con out of the machine

We'd be better off if poker machines had never been introduced into Australia, but now we have them, it's time to prevent as much damage as we can, as fast as we can. Unfortunately, one or two clubs getting rid of their current poker machines isn't going to be enough. If any club or pub sells their machines, another club or pub buys them, and the losses continue. 

CON-FREE_FOOTY.jpgWhat we need is AFL clubs and the AFL commission to publicly support reform of the whole industry. There's no single silver bullet, but some of the first steps to take the con out of the machine include; 

  1. Getting rid of design 'features' that are designed to addict and trick people
  2. Setting a $1 maximum bet, so you can't lose up to $1,200 an hour
  3. Empowering local communitys with laws that give them a say about where these machines go

There's more info on these practical solutions here. To get them, we need AFL fans to sign the petition to tell the AFL to back these reforms, and to write a letter to your club to do the same. 

Ensuring the AFL is about footy, not odds

Online betting on the AFL is much more recent, and is growing rapidly. If we act now, we ensure the AFL is about footy, not the odds. Some clubs are starting to move, but more are using some small gestures on sportsbetting to divert attention away from tremendous damage done by their poker machines.

Like poker machines, action on sport betting requires multiple steps, starting with;

  1. Kick credit cards and all loans out of sportsbetting
  2. Take the endless adverts off the field and game broadcasts

They'll tell us this is impossible, we we all know thats a lie - the AFL has done just fine for almost all of it's long history without having to become a dealer of addictive and dangerous gambling.  

For teams and the commission to back these changes for the whole code, we'll need fans to show their support. You can show yours by signing the petition to tell the AFL to back these reforms, and to writing a letter to your club to do the same.