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Close the gambling ad ban loopholes!

Minister Fifield,

You promised that the relentless gambling ads would be kicked out of live sports broadcasts. Now it seems that the TV and radio stations have snuck in loopholes that mean the ads could still be played as families sit down to watch some of the biggest sporting events like golf, tennis - even the Olympics! 

Deliver on what you promised and close the loophole for 'long-form' events. While you're at it extend the ban past 8:30 pm - kids aren't going to go to bed halfway through a great game! 

The gambling industry has saturated our family sports for too long already.

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Minister Fifield announced that the federal government would ban gambling ads during live sporting events - up till 8:30pm. It wasn't a complete ad ban like we wanted but it was a step in the right direction.

Now the TV and radio networks have put out a draft of the change to their broadcast code, and have tried to sneak in advertising during longer sporting events such as tennis, golf, the Grand Prix and even the Olympics.

Minister Fifield will be breaking his promise unless he tells the TV and radio bosses to close off this loophole, once and for all.