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The Star Review 2021

This time, it won't only be casino bosses providing evidence - your story can make a difference

For too long the gambling industry has been able to hide its behaviour behind closed doors. 

After three explosive investigations into Crown, now it's time for the truth about The Star to come out.

We will expose the gambling industry for the harm it causes in the community.

Every 5 years, there’s an inquiry into The Star NSW. Usually, it is conducted privately, with only the casino executives providing information.

Unlike the previous reviews into The Star, this time there are three key differences:

  • The Star may have incriminated itself during the Bergin inquiry in relation to junkets and money laundering
  • There will be a public hearing of evidence from Star executives in March 2022
  • Individuals will be able to tell their stories

Breaking news - we negotiated an extension until December 10.

The Star has ethical and legal obligations to keep the community safe. One of the key purposes of the review is to examine the administration and implementation of Star’s gambling harm reduction measures. 

We can provide guidance on the process of sharing your story with the Review. Here’s what you can do - 

 If you have experienced harm as a result of your own or someone else’s gambling at The Star, the Review needs to hear from you. Click here to find out more.



We’re on a tight timeline and only have until 30 November to ensure as many community voices as possible are heard. It’s likely you know someone who’s experienced harm at Star and doesn’t know about this opportunity. Can you help by spreading the word to your family and friends?





After years of the Alliance for Gambling Reform calling for real investigations into the predatory practices of the gambling industry, the damning Bergin report in NSW and the Royal Commissions into Crown Casino have demonstrated that it is no longer good enough to allow regulators and gambling operators to conduct reviews behind closed doors. 

Star’s operations need to be thoroughly interrogated -- and to do that, we are supporting people to provide their individual story, particularly if you have experienced harm as a result of your own, or someone else’s, gambling at The Star Casino. 

Firsthand accounts are important to not only expose what is happening at Star, but also to elevate the issue of gambling harm across the entire community. We know many of the same exploitative practices and inducements are happening at clubs and pubs across the country, and this is an important opportunity for these stories to be recognised and heard.


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