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Keep pokies profits out of Parliament

Bill Shorten & Scott Morrison,

Australians lose $24 billion on gambling each year. We are the world’s worst per capita in gambling losses. Our poorly regulated gambling industry is one of Australia’s greatest political failings - it is the cause of enormous social harm through suicide, bankruptcy, family violence and homelessness - and is concentrated in the communities who can afford it least.

The profits of an industry responsible for this harm has no place in politics. As leaders of your respective parties, we are calling on you to reject donations derived from losses of Australians. Just as you will not accept donations from harmful industries like tobacco, this Federal Election we are calling on you to rule out accepting donations from the gambling industry once and for all.

It’s time to take a stand: don’t profiteer from the harm of the communities you seek to represent.

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Each year, millions of dollars of community losses from gambling flow into the coffers of major political parties. Following record donations in the recent Victorian, Tasmanian and South Australian elections, it is clear the socially damaging gambling industry is seeking to buy influence over our politics like never before.

With a Federal Election just around the corner, now is the time to take a stand. Poker machines are crippling communities and the gambling industry is using losses to stall reform. Together, we must demand better of our elected leaders and ensure those who seek to represent us do not accept political donations from the harmful gambling industry.

Join us in calling on major parties to rule out accepting gambling losses as political donations once and for all.