Stop Bendigo Getting More Pokies! - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Stop Bendigo Getting More Pokies!

You can write your own text and tell your own story and opinions about  (this is helpful), or copy and paste from the reasons below:

  • A gambling machine venue should not be in front of a school. Just as you can’t advertise gambling to children, you shouldn’t be able to put gambling in front of children.
  • Bendigo is a great place, but more gambling machines don’t make it better. We already have 641 machines and I feel that this is more than enough.
  • Gambling machines cause severe negative effects on gamblers and Bendigo’s community. These include; poverty and bankruptcy, family breakup, deprivation and neglect of children, anxiety and depression, self-harm and suicide, family violence, and other harms. This adds up to two thirds the harm caused by alcohol or depression.
  • The VCGLR should decline the application.

If you have a story about pokies in your life, or in your community – tell the council and VCGLR! They should know just how this application will impact you.