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Stop More Pokies in Darebin

Next Friday, the 13th of April, the Victorian Commission of Gambling and Liquor Regulation will be hearing an application for 15 new poker machines and extended opening hours at the Darebin RSL. It is critical community members have their say in these decisions, and if you haven't already made a submission, it's not too late!


Talking points could include:

  • The location of the venue is on a prominent corner in Preston, across the road from Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre and a short walk from Bell Station. 

  • The Darebin RSL have breached the trust of it's community before, after closure of the Preston Clubs Swimming Pool after promises to keep it running. Do we want people who are deceitful and untrustworthy running one of Darebin's largest pokies venues?

  • Will more poker machines in your area make you and your family feel unsafe? How will it impact on the overall wellbeing of your community? 

  • If you have a personal story and if you feel comfortable, it is powerful to share this in your submission. Especially if this venue had a negative impact on you, or a friend/ family member.

It's important you don't talk about how bad poker machines are generally, the commission will put a low weight on these submissions. Be sure to highlight how these new machines could affect you and your communities sense of wellbeing.