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Stop More Pokies in Cardinia Shire

Castello’s Cardinia Hotel takes nearly $5.9 million from the community every year, that’s over $16,000 every day. The venue is open from 9am to 5am, attracting vulnerable people at all hours.

Castello’s also owns the Pakenham Hotel, and this takes a further $4.46 million from the community every year. Castello’s application for more machines is greedy and will cause more (than it is already causing) harm to our community.

The Cardinia community have proven to have the dedication and drive to fight against pokies before, and this time is not different. We do not want more pokies in our community! 

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The community of Cardinia have been applauded by the Alliance of Gambling Reform for their fierce dedication in rallying together to oppose an application for 80 poker machines in their town and winning!

The Cardinia community have made it extremely clear, we do not want more poker machines!! Yet, Cardinia Shire is facing yet another application. 

Will you add your voice in the fight against more pokies in Pakenham?