We need to stop the legislation now! - Alliance for Gambling Reform

We need to stop the legislation now!

Last week, the NSW Government announced reforms that we are really disappointed with. They are doing the bare minimum to reduce gambling harm in NSW and continuing to cater to ClubsNSW and the greed of the gambling industry.

The legislation is potentially going before Parliament TODAY! We need to delay it so it can be amended to actually address and reduce gambling-related harm and decrease the numbers of pokies in NSW rather than just cap the numbers in the worst-impacted areas.

NSW has the worst pokies problem in Australia due to long-term industry capture reflected in the lowest pokies taxes in Australia, the greatest density of machines, the slackest regulations and the most dangerous machine designs with $10 maximum bets. Pokies losses in NSW have topped $6 billion annually, accounting for nearly half of Australia-wide total losses.

This legislation will be a disaster for the thousands of Australians in NSW impacted by pokie harm. It needs to be delayed and we need to act now.

Write to your MP to help delay this legislation! We've set it all up so all you need to do is type in your address and the email will automatically be sent to your MP. The letter is pre-written so this is like a petition, type in your details so your signature can be added and then hit send!