Suing the ABC - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Suing the ABC? Really?

The gambling industry spin doctors have threatened to sue the ABC for airing a 7:30 report exposing gambling industry money going to former MP Peter Garrett. 

They're trying to gag the ABC. 

Since 2008, the gambling industry has handed over $6.3 million dollars in political donations.  

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In the documentary film Ka-Ching! which will air on the ABC at 9:30pm on the 20th October, Peter Garret talks about the influence of the gambling industry, and money he was offered, but refused. On the 6th October the ABC 7:30 ran a story about the money, after Peter Garrett corrected the attempted payment from cash, to a cheque. It's still money. 

Now Clubs NSW are trying cover up the fact that they make political donations, and in the Daily Telegraph, said that they would sue the ABC after they refused to make an apology. For good measure, they're looking at suing the publisher of Peter Garretts book. 

Pokies pay pollies 

The data from the Australian Electoral Commission tells the story. In 2013-2014 here's where poker machine money went:

Registered Political Donations 2013 - 2014













Liberal / National parties





The Greens