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Let's Reduce Pokie Harm in Tasmania!

Dear Premier Hodgman,

This election will be an historic one. Both major parties have come out with a gambling policy and are acknowledging the harm that pokies can cause to our communities.

However, your policy is not the answer. It will lock in poker machines for the next 20 years and we as a community want to be free from pokie harm. 

Pokies are designed to addict and they contribute to poverty, mental health issues, and family violence.

Per capita, Australians lose more to gambling than anyone else in the world. On pokies alone, we lose more than $12 billion every year! This is a serious problem that requires urgent, drastic action. 

This election, I will be voting to reduce pokie harm and I urge you to change your policy to support people, not pokies.

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The Tasmanian election is nearly upon us and now both major parties have announced their pokie policy. 

Labor has recognized that gambling harm is a serious public health issue and has pledged that if elected, they will remove pokies from pubs and clubs by 2023 with a funded scheme for a transition for businesses away from pokies.

Liberal has announced that, if re-elected, they will be ending the Federal monopoly contract and allowing an open, competitive tender with 20 year pokies licences being available for pubs and clubs to bid for.

Pokies are on the nose and on the ballot and we want the Premier to know that we will be voting to reduce gambling harm in Tasmania and to urge him to change his policy to support people, not pokies.