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Stand with us against poker machines designed to addict.

 Join Tim Costello and over 40 community groups, councils and churches to help expose the truth about the gambling industry.


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It's time we knew the truth

For 20 years I have known about the damage caused by poker machines. But I never quite understood exactly how they do so much damage. . . until now. I honestly thought I couldn't be shocked any more. But I was wrong.

The documentary film Ka-ching! shows in a clinical, scientific way, exactly how these machines are designed to get under you skin and into your brain. You will never see your local pub or club the same way again.

That is why I have joined with more than 40 community organisations to help expose the truth about the gambling industry.

You may have seen news stories on TV about the poker machine industry recently. There have been revelations about our politicians being paid off by industry lobbyists, Woolworths owned pokie-pubs seeking to lure families in with 'kids eat free' deals and new poker machines coming to Australia which are more addictive than ever before.

Probably like you, I refuse to take this lying down. I am sick to death of the pokies playing us all.

Australia has 20% of these dangerous, addictive machines. $11billion dollars is taken from postcodes that can least afford it, every year.

So, over 40 local governments, churches, community groups and people have come together for this final push. We have all reached breaking point in this issue, and it feels like Australians across the country are ready to join this important battle.

Stand with us against poker machines designed to addict.

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Thanks, Tim Costello