Thank you Shonica - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Thank you Shonica

Shonica Guy showed enormous strength, bravery and leadership in standing up to the gambling industry. Thanks to her, Crown Casino (one of Australia’s biggest operators of poker machines) and Aristocrat, (one of the world’s largest designers of poker machines), have had their day in court. 

This was the definition of David vs Goliath and was instrumental in growing public and political awareness to the detrimental impact of pokies on our communities. 

The court recognised that what you see on a poker machine is not what you get, but stopped short of finding that the machines are misleading and deceptive under Australian Consumer Law. Ultimately, it was said that the legality and circumstances of gambling is a matter for governments rather than the courts.

Shonica gambled for 14 years on poker machines, most of them designed and manufactured by Aristocrat poker machines and she has risked everything to hold Crown and Aristocrat accountable. We want Shonica to know that the community is still standing behind her.

Write to Shonica to thank her for her leadership in taking on the gambling industry!