Richmond Tigers - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Get Richmond Out Of Pokies

To the Board & Management of Richmond Tigers FC-

Over the last year, we're seeing more AFL clubs than ever before commit to getting out of pokies as a means of funding their footy. 

It's been a huge win for the community who dislikes that footy is funded through machines that are designed to addict and actively causing serious harm to Australian families! 

You currently own 97 poker machines which last year, took $5.26 million out of the community!

I want this to be your last season with pokies! 

It's time for you to get out!

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The community loses over $5.2 million to Richmond's 97 pokies every year.

Aside from financial losses, pokies cause serious harm to our community: poverty, addiction, depression and increased incidents of family violence. No AFL club should be associated with a product that has these kinds of side-effects.

Momentum to get the AFL out of pokies is growing fast and what we've seen is there are many alternative ways to fund a footy club that are completely pokie-free! Just this year, Collingwood, Western Bulldogs and Melbourne have committed to divesting from pokies and GWS Giants decided to stay away all together. 

We want AFL to be an activity everyone can enjoy rather than a means to funding harm to families!

Sign the petition to get Richmond out of pokies!